Outdoor toys

ehhursh  -  Feb 02, 2016  -  No Comments

As we approach spring I personally become anxious about getting out in the mountains on the side-by-side, or going to the lake. I am reminded of conversations with clients and friends regarding recreational vehicles of all kinds. The most often asked questions is, “if it is in my garage, is it covered?”, or “how about while it is on a trailer or in the back of my truck?”. The answer, which seems to always raise eyebrows, is NO. Basically any self propelled vehicle MUST have coverage of its own in order for insurance to come into action. Yes, even for liability. Boats, jet skis, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, motorcycles, RV’s, etc. Don’t cost yourself by being uninsured on the items that bring you so much pleasure! You need to insure your toys!
Insurance for these items is usually VERY reasonable!
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